For my 1st Year Crit at Bard I presented a series of outdoor sculptures and a large live-feed based indoor installation.

@ The Crit I read the following Relevant Idioms: 

In good Faith - A leap of Faith - A show of Good Faith - An act of Faith - An article of Faith - To observe the Faith - To keep the Faith - Don't go chasing Waterfalls

V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  V  


Indoor Sculpture: 

Black PlexiGlass Cube + Base, 24" x 24" x 24" 

Children's Stools

Projectors + Computers

Live Feed of Old Faithful Geyer in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Live Feed of Katmai Falls in Katmai National Park, Alaska

Outdoor Sculptures

Pine + Plywood + Metal Basketball Nets + Trees

Aluminum Tube + Basketball + Mirrors

American Flags

(Black Ice) Air Fresheners