congratulations on your VR bindle


Step 1 - The Stool

Follow the enclosed directions to put the stool together. The stool is very important. You will sit on it when you go into virtual space. Once the stool is completed, sit on the stool, make sure that you can use your legs to move your butt in a circle while still sitting on the stool. 

Step 3 - Your Phone

Download the YouTube App for your phone. 

Step 5 - Watch Some Heavily Curated VR Videos from Around the Web

Begin the VR Playlist and press the Cardboard Logo, you'll notice the image has been split into 2 different videos. Place the Phone inside the headset (be sure to plug it into the headphone jack) - Enjoy! 


Step 2 - The Headset

Once the headset is out of the box, make sure the headset fits your head. If you wear glasses, the headset will fit over your glasses, but sometimes you don't need your glasses when you are inside the headset, you will have to do some testing. 

Step 4 - Navigate to the "Rin's VR Adventure"

You can simply search, "Rin's VR Adventure" under the playlist tab within your YouTube App. Or, if you are already on your phone and already have the YouTube App, Please simply follow this link.