Away With You 

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NBA 2k16's facial recognition software can not accurately read and output a black male face. I scanned in my own face to see what sort of man I could become. All faces in NBA 2k16 are malleable. "Away with You" considers this invisibility and malleability using ASMR guided meditation. 

(please watch these videos on a cell phone or with a VR headset or please use the arrow keys in the top left to navigate around the videos please check out my viewing instructions if you are confused) 


A projection and sculptural installation using "Away with You" as it's source was displayed at Re: Art Show - More information Here 

The work features an over lapping series of projections emanating from the center of a soft labyrinth made of mesh basketball jersey fabrics. Below is a gallery of images from the exhibition and a video tour of the piece. Click on the images to see them larger